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Massive Multiplayer Online, Arcade, New Retro

Play to ©Starcadia To collect a whole space fleet.


Starcadia is a nft universe, which will offer several different games in an Arcade, New Retro style, in cyber fantasy worlds.

In 2999, in the twilight of the 30th millennium, you will become the Captain of your own fleet.

Gone to conquer the universe, in search of new elements of matter, discovered by the crypto science.

You will find yourself in this future, where the technology allows to rework the matter, starting from the nano cubic particle resulting from another technology.





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What is Starcadia


Starcadia is an horizontal shoot'em up based on NFTs.

Points are accumulated playing the game, to build new more powerfull assets.

  • arcade game missions
  • automatic transport missions
  • hangars
  • asset staking

Each part of the game will give you a chance to get rewards to use in exceptional recipes.

it may be possible to find what no one has ever discovered ..... who knows? if you manage to be the one who will be the greatest and the highest of all the other competing captains throughout the universe then you will find what everyone covets ..........

Game Features

Starcadia dapp is the first strategic and economic new retro shoot'em up. You will achieve your goals by making your own way through the vacuum of space, floating and flying objects of all kinds.

This blockchain application allows you to play arcade games, and to get familiar with common DEFI protocols.

Starcadia offers several game modes based on gameplay skill, with an acade-style score based ranking to receive rewards, some crazier than others.

  • Solo Arcade
  • Freighters
  • Field Fees

There will be a competition of skills, for more and more rewards to gain autonomy in development. You will then have to expand to explore the confines of the universe, using all types of advanced intra- or extra-planetary bases .......

The universe lies before your eyes .......

Yin-Alpha - 01

Cyan Block

Heavy fighter - 01

Yin-Alpha - 01
block reward cyan
Heavy fighter - 01

The Starcadia team wishes you the most unforgettable experience possible, stay connected on social networks.

Nft's Online


starcadia tokenomics
Game's assets

Starcadia game starts by owning Starcadia assets in your wallet. Each ship's type has its own statistics, which evolve according to the rarity (uncommon, common, rare, epic, legendary) that will be deployed over time, seeRoadmap

Staking pool

In Starcadia, the STAR token can be obtained in the staking tab, increase the weight of your reward rate using your assets. Once your assets are selected and validated in the staking pool, you will earn reward for each full session period of an hour, which can be claimed in the staking section.

Arcade game

You can start a game of © Starcadia by following the Play to win button. In the Spacecraft tab, you can start a Solo or Co-op game, to launch yourself into the space adventure of © Starcadia. You will be confronted with multiple opponents that you will have to defeat, to obtain game points and ranking statistics, which will be used to obtain various rewards.

Cool down time

Of course in Starcadia, after finishing a game, your assets will not be immediately usable, you will have to wait a while for them to be available again. Hangars are there for that purpose, you can combine them with the cooling down assets up to their capacity, and you will be able to use those assets again immediately in a game. You are also granted a bonus of game points after using the hangars, depending on the loading rate you have assigned to them.

Transport missions

Your spaceships are equipped with a transport mode, in automatic pilot. In the Freighters tab, you can launch transport missions to space stations belonging to other Starcadian fighters, in the Starcadia universe. All your ships are capable of carrying out these missions, however they have more or less percentage of success. Game points are required to launch this type of mission, and it is possible to earn rewards in NFT blocks, which will prove very useful in the future of Starcadia.

Space stations

Space Stations are a great asset, you just have to activate them to make them available in © Starcadia for all Starcadians. It is a very interesting star object because it yields passive game points, depending on the attraction of all Starcadian to collect reward blocks. NFT rewards blocks will be used for future crafting recipes and bounties.


Let's not forget the bounties. Every beginning of the month, new lots will be deposited, exchangeable for NFT. The rewards will be distributed in the form of the STAR token. The STAR token will be used to access other game modes of the platform and redeemable on ALCORE.

Road Map


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